Bonsai knowledge

Bonsai Knowledge

People often ask if the Bonsai trees in Dubai and UAE are real. That is why I always educate people about Bonsai and help them know what a natural bonsai looks like.

Sincerely, growing bonsai trees is not only about having a tree in a pot. It is the art, the spirit, the ability to preserve and give a beautiful form to a growing life. Dubai bonsai is our home-craft – a blessing passed down to us from past generations. And according to bonsai tradition, retaining the practice of bonsai horticulture and carrying it down a generation is a blessing.

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The first you'll benefit from us is originality. I am not a reseller. So, your quest for real bonsai trees will be met when purchasing bonsai trees with us. With us, you will always get handpicked and handcrafted bonsai trees for sale in Dubai and UAE.

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Bonsai tree Maintenance

Ramy Enab

About me

My bonsai trees journey started with a deep love for the art and stylish growth process of real bonsai trees. My fascination grew till I began to learn about this fantastic art. After mastering Bonsai trees' growth process and maintenance, I developed a passion for spreading the love to other bonsai tree lovers. Thus, I began disseminating my knowledge, experience, and expertise in the bonsai tree to others through imparting the art to others.

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As a Bonsai artist, my sole aim is to embrace and explore all the knowledge about bonsai plants. Then, pass my passion for bonsai trees as a legacy to those who will take it further. My vision is that the generations to come should meet a wealth of bonsai artistry and culture.

I am into the growth of bonsai trees because I love the art and intend to preserve the plant's culture. My ultimate goal is to form a community of real bonsai lovers who share the love I have for the art. My passion for art is seen in how I style and treat bonsai trees.

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Ramy Enab with one of his beloved bonsai trees at home in The Greens, Dubai. He has long enjoyed the ancient Japanese art of pruning, but has spent up to two hours per day on them while working from home due to the virus outbreak.